Addams Family Package 1 20x50

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  • ED1041-Addams-Family-Wine-Cellar-20x50
  • ED1042 Addams Family Portal
  • ED1042 Addams Family Portal with ED1054 Cemetery
  • ED1042 Addams Family Portal with ED1061 Home Exter
  • ED1043 Home Interior Portal
  • ED1043 Home Interior Portal with ED1055 Great Room
  • ED1051 AF Portrait Gallery 20x50
  • ED1052 Central Park 20' x 50'
  • ED1053-Addams-Family-Family-Tree-Tab
  • ED1053-Paired With-ED1054
  • ED1054 Addams Family Cemetery
  • ED1055 Addams Family Great Room
  • ED1056-Addams-Family-Pugsleys-Bedroom-20x50
  • ED1061 Addams Family Home Exterior Show Curtain
Description: Addams Family package 1 is a complete set of complementary drops designed to present a professional and consistent look to your set. This fun and whimsical package was designed by Scenic Designer Gregory Hill and the muted color palette, Gothic design and cartoon images really capture the feel of the show. The full-size drops measure 20′ x 50′.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop. This package is in production and is schedule to be completed by Fall 2016. We will continue to add photos of the drops as they become available.

The Addams Family package has 10 drops, with a minimum order of 6 required unless your ship date is Within  the next 30 days . You must order at least 6 drops to receive the package price.

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For additional information, visit our Rental Policies page. All prices are for a one week rental (Monday to Monday). A $500 deposit is required on all packages. Shipping is an additional charge.  

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ItemCorporateNon-Profit/EducationPackage Price
ED1041 Wine Cellar$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1042 Character Portal$525.00$425.00$375.00
ED1043 Home Interior Portal$525.00$425.00$375.00
ED1051 Portrait Gallery$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1052 Central Park$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1053 Family Tree Tab$525.00$425.00$375.00
ED1054 Cemetery$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1055 Great Room$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1056 Pugsleys Bedroom$650.00$550.00$495.00
ED1061 Home Exterior Show curtain$650.00$550.00$495.00
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"They were the best drops we have ever used! I hope you continue to update your library with the screen printed drops. We were able to back light the down stage ones which gave an awesome look. Only complaint was that some of them were not marked at the center. We were able to get them lined up but it is easier when they are marked!" Brent J - McDowell HS Drama Club